One Single Impression

one-single-impression-laughter.jpgYou are the balm for my soul
My gut reaction when things turn sour
Often inappropriate
Always healing
You ring like musical bells
Inside my head
When you erupt from the ones I love
Especially the belly version from a child
When you are absent
From my life
The days are dark and dreary
Seeming to drag on forever
When you are present
Each and every day
Is a more precious gift
Of beauty and grace

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  1. Nothing like a child’s laughter.

    laughter lines

  2. Beautiful photo… and I like that you have written little love poems (well that’s the way I read them) to laughter. I especially like the lines… “often inappropriate, always healing.” So true.

  3. Raven’s reading of your work is much like mine. These are love poems to laughter, the joy of our hearts. Wonderful, Vixen!

  4. That’s so nice! And what a lovely picture!

  5. Oh, the delight! to hear the unbridled belly laughter of a child!

  6. STP

    You’ve brought wonderful life to laughter, giving it a persona of sorts. Well done. Oh, and thank you for your kind words on my poem. They are much appreciated.

  7. how wonderfully put, like Raven, I think they are love poems to laughter and the people who cause this happiness.

  8. A blissful poem.

  9. Delightfully laughter producing – Love it1

  10. Aww, I love that face. You’re poem is very well written, I love it!

  11. I very much enjoyed your poems, and the darling photo. 🙂

  12. What a cutie-pie!

  13. Outstanding and what a superb photo to match!

  14. Loving laughter! I love these! Well thought!

  15. This is amazing.

  16. Oh my gosh that is a fantastic photo!

  17. she is soo cute!!!!

  18. Oh, lovely. The photos is fabulous. I went the same way: children’s laughter.

  19. This is so happy and upbeat. Despite the sadness in it, there is always the future and the anticipation of another visit (I envision this as a grandmother awaiting visits). Anywhere there is hope, I am happy. Wonderful work!

  20. a child’s laughter really is the most beautiful music!

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