Reverberating Within

I found this excerpt:

You can’t be connected with God until you’re at peace with who you are. If you’re still upset that God gave you this body or this life or this family or these circumstances, you will never be able to connect with God in a healthy, thriving sustainable sort of way. You’ll be at odds with your maker. And if you can’t come to terms with who you are and the life you’ve been given, you’ll never be able to accept others and how they were made and the lives they’ve been given. And until you’re at peace with God and those around you, you will continue to struggle with your role on the on the planet, your part to play in the ongoing creation of the universe. You will continue to struggle and resist and fail to connect. — Rob Bell

If recognition of a problem is half the battle, then I am now halfway there…


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  1. I love that quote.
    Did you see it on Tommy’s page, or is it one of those things that is out in the ether right now?

  2. Hmm. I’ll ponder this, but I believe you can connect with God anytime, even if you’re out of sorts with yourself and/ or everything else. Still-striving for peace and acceptance is a great aim. Happy TT!

  3. Very powerful words, and one of the hardest things to do is let go and let God, and accept we are who we are.

  4. I love that quote…powerful words…

    Gentle hugs you way sweetie

  5. I agree…….
    Hope you are doing ok….been wondering how you are…

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