Stuff Portrait Friday

The lovely and talented Allisone at Deserved Indulgence introduced me to Stuff Portrait Friday over at Random And Odd. This weeks topic was – Your favorite photo.

I have entirely too many to choose from. However, I still don’t have internet at home. Well, technically I have internet. But it only works on one computer and the 16-year-old who needs to do homework and can whine and complain much better than…well she has it. So I had to pick one I had on my computer at work. (I am not blogging from work. Why would you say such a thing?)

These girls are so very beautiful. They remind me that life is good. Really, really good. And that love changes everything. I love you Bear and Ladybug!



Holy Weekend


Do you know what tomorrow is?!?!


  1. Beautiful!
    That picture makes me smile too.
    And welcome to SPF! We joined together!

  2. Two of my favorite girls! (The other one wasn’t born yet!)

  3. Awww! Those are two adorable girls. I can see why that would be a favorite pic! Glad you played!

    Happy SPF!

  4. Mar


    (I am so not blogging from work either :).

  5. What a nice picture. They both look so happy and the sun is shining down on them. Lovely.

  6. adorable!

  7. How cute!!!


  8. Yes, they are very beautiful. A great picture.
    I played too.

  9. Oh, they are so lovely!!!

  10. Great portrait.

  11. How can you not be in love with those freckles? My middle daughter had them, but they fade.

    I’m so glad you played. No blogging from work! lol!!

  12. What a truly precious picture.

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