The Den Introduces….Watermelon

Here is the first glimpse of my next grandchild (primarly belonging to his parents MacDougal and Funsize I guess):



Wordless Wednesday-The World's Youngest Guitar Hero


Protected: Ummm, shit


  1. Those are awesome! I love the top ones. They didn’t do those when I was pregnant. How far along is she?

  2. Awww, bet you can hardly wait!!

  3. I am 14 weeks along so far. Hope its a boy! Who’s taking bets?

  4. malinthemiddle

    Its a boy! Wahoo! I know you all wanted one! He is already precious and loved.

  5. Wow! Technology has come a long way since 1989. Congrats Vix!

  6. Now look at that! Congratulations! Is he (I’m assuming he’s a he) your second or third granchild? Happy WW! Thank you for sharing your blessing to us. 🙂

  7. He/she is so cute! I’m betting it’s a boy! Can’t believe you are going to be a grandma X 3!

  8. awww soo cute!!!!!

  9. Those new 4D ultrasounds freak me out, but what a cute little watermelon to be. I hope we get a better name by delivery 😉
    Teasing you

  10. Watermelon – very cute!


  11. What super detail! May this baby have a safe ride! God bless.

  12. Baby baby baby!!!!

  13. So it’s a boy??? Yay for little boys! They are so much fun!

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