Wordless Wednesday-The World's Youngest Guitar Hero



Dia duit*


The Den Introduces….Watermelon


  1. What beautiful eyes! Great photo, Vixen.

  2. That is such a cute picture!!!

  3. How sweet ! We have yet to play that game.

  4. malinthemiddle

    That there? Is clearly WAY over the legal level of cute. I may be blinded by the excess cuteness. It’s all worth it…

  5. Deanna

    Oh! So sweet! Thanks for sharing such a precious picture!

  6. Awwwwwwww the cuteness!!!!

  7. Gotta get them started young.

  8. Are you ready to rock?!? Hey wait – three hands!

  9. ledemeon

    So, so adorable.

  10. I love it, can I borrow her for some cuddles and smooches.
    I need a nephew fix all of a sudden. 🙂
    My WW is up, my boys.

  11. Haha – don’t forget, worlds cutest guitar hero! I love those big beautiful eyes!

  12. Amy

    Love the picture! Give her a year and she’ll be playing all by herself.

  13. My little angel is a guitar hero prodigy! Haha. Oh wait, that’s her dad hitting the notes? Oh well, she is still cute! I love this picture.

  14. I just love her expression.

  15. Haha that is so cute. An axr hero in the making! Happy WW

  16. Those EYES! Wow!

  17. Mar

    Quite possibly the cutest Guitar Hero ever!

  18. Your son is so cute!he will be the next Jimmy hendricks :)Happy WW!mine is up too.

  19. omg what a face!! Those eyes are to die for. I hope you frame and hang this photo.

  20. so cute! she is ready to rock!

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