You Folks Are The Salt Of The Earth

Please accept my undying gratitude for all your support, prayers and positive thinking. After much, much emotional pleading this morning, I talked the lady into giving me the place (well talked and paid an extra months rent). My Dad (also the salt of the earth) gave me all the money to get in there. I pick up the keys at 6pm. Macdougal and Funsize are already packing up their stuff and pick up their keys at 3pm. I don’t look forward to the actual physical moving part, but I have never wanted to move so much in my entire life.

My mom is home from the hospital! They think she might have (now I am going to quote her so don’t be surprised if it makes little sense, lol) “a hypersensitivity to some hormone that does something with salt in her kidneys.” I have no idea what that means, but my sister is going to talk to her doctor and get the lowdown. Apparently, if that is what it is there is a medication which will make her all better and solve all her problems. I am so down with that.

My aunt’s biopsy came back benign. Good news. I talked to my doctor and he thinks my thing is probably a cyst (which I had last time confirmed by ultrasound). He is going to get the copies of my last mammo and compare.

My power cord shipped and should be here Monday or Tuesday!!!!

Now, since you are all so powerful with your prayers and such….could y’all heal that crack in my tooth so I don’t have to get a crown? Mkay thankyouverymuch.


On My Knees


A Quickie


  1. Woo Hoo!! Good things happen to GOOD people! Looks like things are looking up for you.


  2. WOOT! Things are looking up! I”m soo happy for ya Vix!

  3. Love you. Things are looking up.

    You and yours are still in my prayers.


  4. I’m not looking forward to the actual moving part either. Ugghh, I’ll see you in the morning for a long day of physical labor!

  5. I’m doin’ my happy dance!!!

  6. Woot indeed!

  7. Glad things are starting to look up a bit! Hugs!!!

  8. Everything I do, I do it for you.

  9. Hurray!! Yippee!! You are moving through the winter. I know spring will be delicious!

    Hey, there’s an award for you over at Everyday Kindness! πŸ™‚

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