Forgot A Title on Haiku/Surgery Friday

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Surgery today
Mr. Vixens’ knee needs work
He’s in a good mood
He keeps singing line
“I see the nuns are gay-ay”
Wish him good luck
And successful results, please
I will read and wait

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  1. Oooh, I definitely wish him luck!!

  2. Mar

    Hope this helps him to feel better – sending good vibes his way. Let us know how he does.

  3. LOL, I’m glad I was able to cheer him up before the surgery! Now I’m off to call you to make sure he’s doing okay…

  4. Love the new look and congrats on the domain change!! Very professional looking….

  5. Sending good luck wishes, vibes and prayers.

  6. No Nonsense girl

    praying for him

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