A Faire Day

You are not mine by birth

Yet you have been given to me as a gift

A new daughter, child of my heart, love of my son’s life

We share him now, we share a family

I honor the joy you bring him

And the child you carry beneath your breast

We share a love for Renaissance, an appreciation for history

What has gone before and what will become

We blend youth and experience

We shall venture forth together

New mother, new daughter, new life

And create a new extension to our family.


Funsize and I went to the Renaissance Faire today. Mike was laid up and MacDougal had to work. We both wanted to go so badly. It was a blast. We laughed and browsed and ate. I wish we could have stayed longer. Shortly after Queen Elizabeth arrived we had to go, as Funsize had work. I think we have both decided we are going to create our own guild and participate in all the Faires from now on, and we are dragging the rest of the family in with us!


If They Aren't Screwing You, It's Not The Government




  1. No Nonsense girl

    what a cool poem about funsize. 🙂

  2. I love the Faire! If I could walk better, I would be dragging my kid there every year. It’s a fun way to bond.

  3. I have not been to a Rennaisance Faire in ages, since I was a teen. Need to do that with Micheyla I think. You wrote a beautiful poem here sweet one, very touching. Yes, marriage in its best gains you a daughter and hopefully a friend.

  4. I love the Renassaince Faire! We go every summer and it’s one of my fave days of the year. The costumes, the music, the food, especially the tempura and all of the different acts-singers, dancers, magicians, acrobats-WOW! Really nice poem, too!

  5. I wanna go again! McBeth in 15 minutes was hilarious!

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