A Gift That Keeps Giving

A moment in time never to be forgotten
As close today as it was 24 years ago
Your cry so weak and timid
Yet bursting in my ears like one hundred fireworks
Going off inside my cranium

Struggle you did as you emerged
Into a world of bright lights and scary voices
“Punky Brewster” the doctor crowed
Don’t know what made him think of that

I held you so tightly, but so shortly
As they whisked you away
So much worry on their faces
Did not allay my fears

What is this? I thought
So much work and effort
And no cuddle time to reward me?
Exhausted I lie on the bed and just cried

Six long hours later
After loving family had gone home
You were delivered unto me
And crept into my heart forever

We have grown together
First daughter, first-time mother
Through hard times and good times
Then harder times still

I could ask for nothing more in a child
Yet you would not be undone
And gifted to me the most lovely of presents
In Ladybug and Butterball

I never thought there could be more
Than a first mother’s love
Yet, you are a gift that just keeps on giving.

Happy Birthday, Nannygoat.


Flowering Bear


Only One Day Left Of Lovely April


  1. Awwwww.
    Hey, my mom never writes anything that sweet about me!

  2. Pam

    A great poem to honor a birthday and just in time for Mother’s Day.

  3. This is a beautiful poem. It reminds me of all my rewards as a mother. My twins were wished away to the nicu at the moment of birth. I did not see them for a whole day.

    This brought back something special to me.

  4. How beautiful. The amazing joy of motherhood and grandmotherhood so beautifully expressed. Happy Birthday to your firstborn…

  5. Mar

    Happy Birthday Nanny!!

  6. That was very sweet, we’re talking watery eyes sweet. 🙂

  7. Awww, mom. Thank you for writing me a birthday poem. I liked it a lot! ; D

  8. Awwwwwww that was beautiful! I wish my Mommy would write me a poem!

  9. Vixen, what a nice poem. A poem of memories perhaps? Thanks for visitng my blog. I have a first daughter about the same age as you. How sweet and special to write to her. She is very blessed!

  10. Aud

    That’s a great poem coming from a mom on a child’s birthday. Guess words will just flow when we are dedicating it to someone we love very much!

  11. Great poem!! Made me cry … but then everything makes me cry…pregnancy and all….LOL!

  12. That was soooo beautiful!

  13. first child, first mothers love… a truly beautiful sentiment…

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