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When you are unhappy time stands still. When you are happy all you want to do is slow down and enjoy the moments. Moments of time that swiftly pass by. Rapidly the world presents its glory to you. You try to capture the high-speed memories within your mind for closer perusal at a quiet time. Yet non-stop events assault your delighted mind. Your mind’s eye feels that these accelerated experiences will pass and you will feel like you missed them. The sheer velocity with which they occur, makes you feel dizzy, yet disoriented, with joy. These are the times of which your life story is made up. Quickly moving, a movie to play in your head for all time.


Oh The Mommy-ness That Won't Let Go


Wordless Wednesday-Presenting Mr & Mrs Macdougal


  1. So spot on. Loved that dose of reality, Vix.

    You could never do anything to offend. I’ve been living that high-speed life lately, and unfortunately my blog reading has fallen by the wayside. I try to make it through my blog roll once a week, but it’s hard. Please know that you are one of my most treasured bloggy pals. 😀

  2. P.S. This new theme is KILLER!

  3. Thank you for the comment on my post. So he’s just being 17? You survived 3? Thank you Lord. Here on the blogosphere so many bloggers have young kids and think I am raising Saten or something like that. My boys could be doing much worse things……..It’s really comforting to know others have been through this and survived. Do you still have hair? I’m afraid I’ll pull all mine out. 😉

  4. I love the new look of your blog!
    I like the way you interpreted the HoT prompt, and it’s so true.

  5. All just so very darn true, indeed!

  6. Isn’t self expression wonderful fun. Happy week!!!

  7. how very true and beautifully written!

  8. Very *expressive* post! Good job! 🙂

  9. Thanks for your visit to (and comment on) my first Heads or Tails post at Small Reflections. I appreciate your kind words about my poetry and am having a ‘Panda Express’ craving myself ;–)

    I enjoyed your ‘expressive’ post here and think the photos you’ve published this morning for Wordless Wednesday are lovely and most special! This reminds me I need to think about MY WW post before time gets away from me.

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. This is SO true! You really wrote a great piece here. Sometimes I feel like time is moving too fast, but when I’m suffering from depression, I feel like the day won’t end. Great post!

  11. Wonderfully written post! So true!

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