Flowering Bear


Prompt #9 is from Rachel Green: Flowering. Head over to One Single Impression to see more participants.

shannon's easter pics 246

Adorable child
Once a cute little pixie
Feisty tiny bud
Winsome, flowering
Becoming a young woman
Hailing a new world
Gone is the baby
Welcomed is the new lady
Lucky is the world
A blossom like you
Is a grand addition to
The bouquet of life


Adventures In Public Service


A Gift That Keeps Giving


  1. ..it’s so humane!..many thanks ..

  2. beautiful picture, beautiful poem, beautiful bear!

  3. What a lovely, love rich poem. Nicely done.

  4. She is such a pretty girl

  5. gah, how pretty she is!

  6. OK. There must be a way to bottle that great love that pours from your heart. The world needs you! This is magical, wonderful, gorgeous.

  7. How beautiful, both poem and lady.

  8. I agree! This blossom, is beautiful.

  9. Excellent – beautiful girl!

  10. what a sweet ode to a daughter

  11. What a wonderful way to tell a child on the cusp of adulthood that she is loved and has made you proud.

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