Happy Miracle Day(Birthday) Ladybug

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Today is the fabulous, adorable, fantastic, energetic, loving, silly and one of a kind Ladybug’s third birthday. In her honor I have written her a Nonet. A Nonet is a poem of nine lines, the first of which is nine syllables, next 8, and so on.


Ladybug my miracle grandchild

You defied modern medicine

You ignored dire predictions

Three years of joy you’ve shared

Your tribulations

Are lessons learned

Life is short

Enjoy it



Thursday Thirteen #31


Finally Friday


  1. Mar

    Happy Birthday Ladybug!!

  2. Happy Birthday Loveable little Ladybug, what a precious poem.

  3. Happy Birthday, little one!
    That was a beautiful poem, too.

  4. Oh, this girly girl is gonna break some serious hearts! Happy Birthday, Ladybug!!

    I’ve got to tell my SisterDear about Nonets. She loves writing poetry!

  5. Oh, that’s a cool poem – I should’ve paid better attention in English class, maybe then I’d have known that Nonets existed.

    And I love the picture – very cute!!

    Happy Friday! 😀

  6. Happy birthday cutie! Have lots of cake! 🙂

  7. Happy, happy birthday!

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