How Dare They

My parents are doing the unthinkable. They are aging. I know, I know I should have been expecting it. Especially since by the end of 2008 I will be a three time Grandmother. But I didn’t see it coming. My parents were young when they had me, I was young when I had my kids. I just thought we would all stay young together.

I have no problem with my age, like I hear some women do. Mostly because I don’t feel 45 years old. I feel like 28. (At least 28 or 30 is the last birthday I remember). If I feel this young at this age, why worry about 55 or 65? People sometimes think Nanny and I are sisters. I “age well.” It is genetic. If I had a picture to show you of my Grandmother who will be 86 this June, you would understand. She doesn’t look a day over 65.

My parents are not 45 anymore. They snuck in a couple years. They are evil like that.

I have two dads. I love them both. I don’t think I would be nearly as cool as I am now if I had only had one. Lucky for you, I have two. And one of them has to have surgery.

See way, way back in 2001 my stepdad second dad (I don’t know why, but I dislike the word stepdad) had a minor heart attack resulting in a stent. Relatively drama free and quick. 2001 was a long time ago. We just put that stuff behind us and moved on. Done. Finito.

As I have mentioned, my mom had been having some health issues lately. The doctor ordered an angiogram (which was fine, btw). When they were getting the results the doctor turned to Pop and inquired how he was doing. He also inquired about how Pop’s follow up angiograms were over the years? Pffft. Men. Apparently Pop didn’t catch that part of the treatment plan. He had not a single angiogram since 2001. So an angiogram was scheduled for today.

It wasn’t all hunky dory as I am sure Pop hoped it would be. He has to have open heart surgery for five (5) bypasses. Some of them over 90% closed. He really was a “heart attack waiting to happen.” I am relatively confident about the surgery. I know open heart surgery isn’t a cake walk, but I do think it is a fairly common surgery these days.

I remember when my kids were small, my life’s goal was to invent a pill to keep them (and puppies!) young. Now I need to intensify my efforts, with a focus on stopping my parents from aging. Any chemists out there who can help me?


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  1. I’m so worried about him. I hate it when my family members have to have surery. All you old folks need to stop that already!

  2. Mar

    Sorry Babe, chemistry was so not my thing… Sending good vibes to your dad and hoping he feels better in no time.

  3. You have my prayers, my friend.

  4. No Nonsense girl


    as always you and yours are in my prayers

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