I Foresee Tears In My Future

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I still watch over you, son

I’ll never stop worrying or praying or being proud

Your growing and changing, maturing and mating

It makes no difference to a mother’s care

On Monday you two will be joined

Sweethearts, friends, lovers and now mates for life

Together you create a new center, a new unit

And I shall rejoice in your joy from the periphery

Day Two. 28 more. Over and out.


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Thursday Thirteen #31


  1. beautiful.

  2. Mar

    A wedding? Yippee for MacDougal!

  3. what a special time. enjoy every second!

  4. Funsize

    Awww, mom. That is such a sweet poem.

  5. Wow…that’s just lovely. Congrats to MacDougal and the soon to be Mrs. MacDougal!

  6. That was sweet – and a wedding? That’s very exciting!! Congratulations!

    Also, congratulations to you – I posted the announcement of your winning my Matrix contest. You’ll get your prize real soon! 🙂

  7. I have my camera handy! There will be pictures!!!!!

  8. I’ve been #1ing way too much lately!!

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