Thursday Thirteen #31


Thirteen Random Thoughts I Have Had Today:

  1. Crap, woke up late. Second day in a row.
  2. I can’t believe she beat me to the shower again!
  3. Oh Mr. Vixen, how could you not make sure the door wasn’t locked when we came out with the dogs? **knock, knock…Bear?**
  4. Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly could buy me a house.
  5. Miracles do happen.
  6. Happy Birthday Ladybug.
  7. I would love a job as a party planner.
  8. Lord, these shoes are so squeaky. But they are so comfortable.
  9. Can I a make a Sponge Bob cake?
  10. What on earth will I feed everyone for dinner tonight?
  11. If something rings up with tax to $5.59, but you say $6.00 and hit the button to erase the screen really quickly and then give me $14.00 change…did you really think I wouldn’t ask for a receipt?
  12. If you steal 41 cents from each customer, how much would you make in a day? Loser.
  13. Could I possibly lure Mrs. Eaves out here for Monday?

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I Foresee Tears In My Future


Happy Miracle Day(Birthday) Ladybug


  1. I hate cashiers who do that. Like you said, if they take that much from every person, they could make bundles!

    I especially hate it when they get ANGRY because you ask for the proper change. Hello, it’s MY money!

  2. Wow! Did you get that cashier fired??? I would’ve made a huge complaint about him/her.

  3. I am sorry about the cashier – that sucks. I usually catch that kind of thing later… when I’m in the car or that night. At least you’re awake enough to catch something.


  4. You find people like that at any business and saddly most businesses encourage it at least subtle

  5. Fun list, happy TT!

  6. What a ding-dong of a cashier! Yeesh.

  7. #10 Pizza. That’s what we had tonight after my daughter invited her friends over unannounced. LOL, a good excuse to eat pizza anyway!

  8. Actually 41 cents would add up quickly and a good store monitors your till quite well. I remember working places that docked us if our till was off anything over $1. That’s why whenever the cash office did a pick up I always requested a receipt for that.
    Great TT fyi.

  9. May I use the TT graphic you have today? Please email me or leave a comment at my blog.

  10. some ppl are freaking assholes.

    Happy T13 girl.

  11. Fun List. Happy Birthday to your ladybug. Adorable pic. Happy T13!

  12. There are few questions I hate as much as “what is for dinner?” Unfortunately I ask myself that every day =(

  13. Did you complain about that cashier? Was there a follow up?

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