Wordless Wednesday – Fruit Of My Loins Special – View One Get Two Free!

IMG_6536 allyct IMG_6534


Mad As A Hatter


I Foresee Tears In My Future


  1. Great photos. Seem like happy couples.

  2. Very sweet pictures – happy WW 🙂

  3. Mar

    Man do those babies look like their daddy!! You have a lovely family!

  4. they look like perfect matches! very nice…mine’s up!

  5. Lovely pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Good lookin’ bunch, Vixen!

  7. Haw! We all look cute. Can you tell we’re related? We all have the exact same eyes.

  8. Funsize

    Awww…that was a fun day

  9. What a fine fellows and ladies they are. Great shots!

  10. Ellen

    3 lovely couples. They grow up and move on so soon…


    What fine looking people these are…you have four?


    Ops, I meant 3…all are beautiful.

  13. meeyauw

    Now I am not sure if all are yours or if half are yours, shown with their partners. But what strikes me most is 1. you take magnificent portraits; 2. the kids are very handsome! and 3. each couple has matching color hair! That’s cool!

  14. what a great family… I don’t think I ever saw funsize’s beautiful face before Just the cute little tummy. 🙂

    I love you and your family!!!!


  15. Beautiful family. Lovely photos.

  16. Wow…beautiful! Family???? YOu’re blessed.

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