A Bag of Baguettes To Go, Please

The following conversation occurred Sunday morning. Obviously a little too early Sunday morning. Also obvious is that fact that Funsize fits right into the Farkle family.

MacD (on the phone to his Dad): We picked up all the stuff for the BBQ, but I forgot briquets. Do you have any briquets? (Mr. Vixen tells him we have plenty and they hang up).

Funsize: What about butter? Do your parents have butter?

MacD: I am sure my parents have butter. Ummmm, what do we need butter for?

Funsize: Well, I eat mine with butter.

MacD: Eat what with butter?

Funsize: Briquets.

MacD: Briquets?!?!

Funsize: Yea, I like them with butter on top.

MacD: Briquets?!?!?!

Funsize: Why? What do you eat yours with?

MacD: I don’t eat briquets! And as long as you are carrying my child, I don’t think you should either!


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  1. Mar

    That is funny.

  2. LOL!!! That’s funny!!!

  3. lmao, I really do fit in with all the Farkles.

  4. Wow, I think I’d need a LOT of butter to get down a briquet – wait, I just looked it up, according to Wiki, it’s also a type of sandwich 😎 But before it says sandwich, it says a “a rare breed of dog”

    Happy Monday!! 🙂

  5. Let me second the … and as long as you are carrying a little Farkle, you shouldn’t be eating briquets.

  6. I like my briquets with BBQ sauce. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  7. Hahahaha. I don’t think briquets are good for the baby! LMAO!

  8. *giggles* I love it!

  9. I don’t know how many conversations like this I’ve had. That clinging on to the wrong word is just crazy!

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