I Wanna Be Green…

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I have no idea how to grow things. Until I moved to SoCal back in ’98, everything I tried to grow in Utah died. Now I have more success. Please note, I am not any better, the weather is just kinder.

The point, the point, I know you want the point. So here it is. I purchased a really lovely rose tree ( I think that is what it is called) last year. At the property, I just watered it and it was fine. But down here in town??? It was been infested! It is simply covered in aphids. I can’t rinse them off because there is no hose/faucet outside. I have been watering by hand with a bucket.

Point: Is there a natural way to deal with the aphids? Maybe even something I could afford (which means free because I am going to buy my meds before I buy ’em for the rose)? Help.

I wanna be green…


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  1. I’m a brown thumb but I know my rose growing friends do something cheap and simple. I’ll ask and if you don’t get a good answer by then let you know…

  2. Ladybugs eat aphids! They sell them 100 or $10 or something around those lines at Home Depot.

  3. The pictures on the header of your site are adorable. Are those your children?

  4. Going green is a great way to live your life. You will be happier and the planet will be as well. I love rose trees as well, they look so beautiful when the bloom each year.

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