Lighten your wallet and your heart (Win an Ipod too!)

I have always enjoyed living vicariously through others. Like yesterday, when I drive the lovely Nannygoat all over kingdom come hunting for a new puppy! I love puppies and I would love to adopt another one, but it is not in the cards right now. Thus, I lived vicariously through her. (Also as the grandmother I had to verify the dog’s compatibility with the grandkids. My life is tough, I know.)

And now I want to live vicariously through one of you! I have talked here many times about Shelly’s Share A Square efforts. That woman is so precious. Never have I met anyone more kind-hearted. Well now she wants to raise money to send kids with cancer to camp! Because she just can’t stop giving. So now all the kids will have lovely afghans made with caring hearts AND attend camp while sparing their parents the expense (you know the medical expenses must be tremendous already). To entice you to participate another kind-hearted friend is having a little blogiversary/donation contest! Jessica from Life Is RANTastic is going to give one lucky (and kind-hearted too) person an IPOD just for donating!

How do you fit in? Well, I really, really am going to finally finish assembling the afghan for the Share A Square project this weekend. In celebration I want you to try and win an IPOD! I just don’t have the funds to help on this end of the project right now, but I think it would be FANTASTIC if one of you WON! So, if you can, head over to Jessica‘s and Shelly’s. Donate and enter. (Rules and directions are here or here) Then when you win, let me know and we will celebrate together!


Available for Nose Transplant




  1. Vixen, you are a doll to post about this. We sure are hoping to get some cash for those kids. Jessica rocks for offering an i-pod! I hope some of your kind readers can join in. $5, $10, $15….it all helps!

    I appreciate you (and look forward to seeing that afghan!).

  2. I am going to donate in YOUR name since you made squares for me!


  3. I’m sure those kids are really going to appreiciate it when it’s finished!

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