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This week’s SPF from RandomandOdd is: A Lyric From A Song

It’s gonna be another flip flop summer
Kick off your shoes, and call up your lover
Say hey baby, the winter is over
Let’s head south awhile
We’re going to take us a long vacation
Mix us up some strong libations
No worries, just good vibrations
And lazy days in style
It’s a flip flop summer, It’s a flip flop summer.…….-Kenny Chesney



I Seek Harmony, I Don't Always Find It


99 is too hot, went here, nice 74


  1. Yaaaaa……it’s finally summer….(now I will complain because I am prego and it is too hot…LOL!)

  2. Awww, she looked so cute in Bear’s swimsuit. Speaking of swimming, we are taking her down to the pool when the hubbs wakes up!

  3. adorable!!!

  4. lol such cute shots! I love flip flops 🙂

  5. Moi

    So very cute! I played too …

  6. cute song and darling girl

  7. It’s definitely summer time! She’s a cutie, too.
    I played.

  8. I have the hardest time finding your comments LOL! But I love your blog and these pictures are too cute! I hope you don’t mind but I added you to my sidebar 🙂 I want to keep up with you more than just SPF!

  9. Oh I wish summer would finally get here where I live. It’s only been in the low 60s so far. Brr! Cute little girl, and thanks for stopping by!

  10. Ohh cute! And love Kenny Chesney! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I’m with Robyn! It’s tooo hot! And no swimming pool here to dive in. There is just something insanely cute about little girl’s in bikinis!

  12. What a cutey – ready for a long, hot summer, eh.

    I’m still coming to terms with the reality of another winter coming my way.

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