Pollen hates me, But I love Spring



Recovering – Maybe


I Wanna Be Green…


  1. Great shot!!

    The photo’s color is so bright and sharp!!

    Happy WW!

  2. Happy WW – beautiful picture.

  3. Great shot vixen. I know what you mean. I love spring but the pollen gets me too. Happy WW

  4. They are beautiful flowers. What are they?
    God bless and gesundheit in advance!

  5. I hear ya, 100%. I think spring is my new favorite season, though.

  6. That’s beautiful! I mean, the purple is very pretty – but that green is so amazingly vibrant, I love it! 🙂

  7. That’s why I love allergy pills! God Bless You!

  8. Great colors mom!

  9. Great colors and beautiful flowers. I am always willing to suffer through my allergies for things as beautiful as this.

  10. What a beautiful flower, but yep the pollen would not be my friend either.

  11. Very nice. Is that an azalea or something like that? We have them everywhere and it’s beautiful when they all bloom.

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