Spring, The Tease of Summer

Although Summer hid, I knew she was near
For I caught glimpses of her ankles in a few warm dawnings
And espied her profile while running through the trees
She concealed herself behind a girth of cool skies and gray clouds
Teasing me with her peek-a-boo games of budding flowers and greening grasses
Dampening my pleasure with soggy visits of mist and fog
So I pursued her form, seeking to revisit the time we shared before
When at last I reached the spot where I’d last felt her warmth
I cast aside a layer of mulch and seasons, only to unearth her aura
Her spirit dancing ahead, taunting “Catch me if you can”


I Wanna Be Green…


Life's soundtrack


  1. How delightful & so right on. Great idea and post. I really admire ” peek a boo games of budding flowers…”

  2. This is beatiful! So elegantly written, definately one of my favs.

  3. What a wonderful poem.
    So are you busy Saturday? I need a guest host.

  4. Ooh, I like that! But why is it that every Spring I’m surprised by the May Gray and June Gloom, we’re nearly half way through May and I just now realized why it’s been so cloudy every morning! 😎 Now I’m anxious for Summer :-0

  5. Ah … what a lovely poem about the arrival of summer … reminding us that the transition is anything but clear. I love the ‘playfulness’ of ‘catch me if you can’!
    Hugs and blessings,

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