Sunday Impression



As winter deserts

New life springs forth with color

While scenting its way


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Recovering – Maybe


  1. Pam

    Great picture showing the abundance of spring. I really like the last line.

  2. What beautiful snowy blossoms. This poem reminds me that sometimes being deserted is a blessing–especially when the deserter has hung around just a bit too long.

  3. “scenting its way.” Nice line. I like what Sandy said. I had to stop and think about WINTER deserting rather than being kicked out or overtaken. I always love being made to think about something from a new perspective. Beautiful photo too.

  4. ..of all the ‘isms that one knows of
    perhaps ‘optimism’ would be a favorite
    by a huge margin!and poets know how to cash in on it!many thanks..

  5. Ah, and the sweet smells of spring are so wonderful!

  6. I like the positive note in this..


  7. Awwwwwwwww… nice.

  8. How pretty! Wat kind of flowers are those? Did you take this picture on your run?

  9. magnolias maybe?… scenting the way… beautiful ku…

  10. Ah…beautiful Spring! A new beginning.

  11. When the bleak and cold desert us, releasing their captive hold, freedom speaks with color and scents in the promise of a season reborn.

    I love the optimistic view your poem expresses.

  12. I’m visiting later than usual, but am glad I didn’t miss your lovely photo and haiku … with Winter ‘deserting’ bringing Spring! Mine’s here: Deserted
    Hugs and blessings,

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