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Funny story for this weeks prompt. When Nannygoat was 16 or 17 she and her brother were always teasing their Dad (Mr. Vixen) about being addicted to his computer game. It went on for some time and whenever he was teasing them or harassing them it became a way for them to call him a name without using language that I didn’t allow. They would say “You’re addicted” with the accents so that it actually sounded like ‘you’re a dick Ted’. This went on to become their favorite way of insulting each other.

So one night we were visiting at Great’s cabin. We got into a hotly contested game of Balderdash. My uncle Tom is a serious balderdash player and is merciless with his sarcasm and Nanny and MacD are not exempt. At one intense moment Nanny wanted to stop playing and her Uncle Tom wanted to play another game. He was haranguing her to play again when she said, “You’re a dick Tom.” Silence descended immediately and we all just stared at her for a moment. Her face turned red as she realized what she said and she started yelling, “I meant your ad-dic-ted!!!” We all just started laughing.


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Watermelon Farkle


  1. That’s too funny!

  2. Hahahaaa!!!! Oh my.. too funny!!!

    Reminds me of something. There was a joke that went like this: What do you call a herd of masturbating cows? Beef Stroke-n-Off.

    For some reason the Stroke-n-Off sticks in my head and more than once I’ve said it in um.. the wrong company. đŸ˜›

  3. That is so funny! Great story.

  4. Very funny story. I have a feeling a-dick-Ted is going to stick in my head. Along with the other that skittles just stuck in there. Sigh.



  6. Thanks for the laugh. Great post and very original.

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