Thursday Thirteen #33

Thirteen RANDOM Things about This Week

  1. I got lovely flowers for Mother’s Day, a fabulous OTT lite for crafting, and I went fishing but caught no fish.
  2. Fishboy went fishing Monday to the same place and caught three of the most humongous trout I have ever seen. They were very tasty too.
  3. My Dad is having heart bypass surgery today. Five bypasses, like he is trying to set a record or something.
  4. Hubs went for his second post-op Monday and they said his patella is “floating”. The thought of that kind of wigged me out. It means he will need a lot more PT. Unable to stand for more than 15 minutes since December 2006, on state disability for one year, now surgery and yet the SSDI deems him not disabled and says he can work, standing for 6 hours at a time. Asswipes.
  5. I sent a request for my medical bills in relation to the bus accident to my clinic nearly two months ago. They said it would take two weeks. I called today and she claims she never received my request. Then she decided I could fax it this time (she required mail before). But she still says it will take two weeks because subpoenas get priority. I only have until June 17th to file a claim. Crap
  6. I cannot believe Amanda didn’t win on Survivor. Who liked Parv???? No one.
  7. I loved this week’s House and next week’s season finale looks really good.
  8. I woke up Monday morning and was telling Mr. Vixen about how I slept really poorly because I kept waking up all hot and sweaty. I was ranting on about how I am too young for menopause, yada, yada when he looked up and me and said “Looks like you got a sunburn while we were fishing yesterday.” Shows you how often I look at myself in the mirror.
  9. I need and want a vacation. I still have a negative PTO balance of nearly 50 hours (I owe my work 50 hours!) yet I haven’t taken off work for fun (only hospitals, doctors and pain, oh my) since my last vacation, 2 days in 2006.
  10. If my stimulus check doesn’t come this Friday, I am going to have to do something extreme and awful. Like complain.
  11. If my stimulus check does come this Friday, I am going to have to make a dentist appointment for that tooth I broke 100 years ago. It hurts now. A lot.
  12. Reading the last 11 items makes it sound like I live a pathetically boring life. I do.
  13. I want a different job. I am tired of what I am doing. I think professional student would work best for me. Anyone want to sponsor me?

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  1. Mar

    I was mad Amanda didn’t win as well. She did get Ozzie out of it though so maybe she wasn’t a loser after all.

  2. I have a horrid toothache myself, could use my stimulus check to see the dentist too, but we won’t see ours until July.
    I sent for my disability appeal packet.
    I always get sunburned and never realize it, even when I use sunscreen.
    Now, I am wondering why this post did nto show up in my reader…..

  3. I hope your husband will be OK. That’s great you got the pleasure of fishing but your son got the work of it! God bless.

  4. Boy, do like minds think alike. Even though I haven’t posted a TT in like YEARS last night I started working on one (TT random things) and then got distacted and ultimately ended up going to bed. It’s still sitting there in my Windows Live Writer window, taunting me. Post something, Shannon…you haven’t posted today, you slacker! Do it!
    I just thought it was funny that we ended up doing the same TT.
    It’s still undecided whether or not I will acutally post it.

  5. No Nonsense girl

    your dad will be in my thoughts…

    I hope MrD’s pain goes away 🙁 Fucking SSDI, he should get it.

    Sorry about the hours at work. I hope you get your stimulus check.


  6. I can relate to the floating patella – my knees have been bad for 2 years from overrunning. I’ve given up running but still play volleyball on a regular basis which is really hard on the knees but I just can’t give it up – so I am making PAIN my friend!

  7. Great list for T13!

  8. MacD

    Yes Shannon, like minds do think alike……

  9. I hope your dad’s bypass went well! That is so scary! We got our economic stimulus check or deposit or whatever you wanna call it a couple weeks ago. It’s not going to anything fun at all! Just to cover my not having enough paid leave for the incoming wee one. But at least that means we won’t go into debt. 😉 Oh and I may have to use part of it for a wii fit. hehe

  10. I hate SSI! They’ve dicked my brother around for years. Hope your dad comes thru okay. I never take vacation either, other than a couple of days at a time every few months, so I’ve got about 3 weeks I’m sitting on. If you weren’t so far south, I’d let you know the next time we have any job openings. It’s not too boring in the cemetery. LOL

  11. TLC

    Sorry about your tooth. I just went through that. The surgery isn’t fun, but the alternative is worse!

    My T13 is up. Feel free to stop by if you’d like.

  12. House was excellent, Bones wasn’t too bad. I wanted Cirie to win. I didn’t particularly like Amanda or Parvati. But, I loved Cirie.

    I hope that your DH and your Dad are soon feeling much better. SSDI is a bitch to work with. I just went through that nightmare and finally managed to reach a favorable conclusion.

    And OMG how I hate having to wait for that next cash infusion just to get something needed done. “dental work” “car repairs” whatever. Hope the stimulus check comes winging in very soon. We use direct deposit so that cut some waiting time out.

    I really hope a better job comes floating along. For me it’s a nightmare to have to get up and drag yourself in to a job you can’t stand.

    I will say a few extra prayers today for you and yours


  13. I’ve never created a ‘random’ T-13 list but need to make a note to do so one of these Thursdays. Hope your dad is doing well after his surgery and your husband’s PT helps his ‘patella’ stabilize. My sister broke her patella a couple of years ago, but seems to be getting along fine now. Once again, I ignored the ‘official theme’ for T-13 and wrote about what I’ve been learning in my Photoshop class, but my two Haiku Friday posts (one on each blog) actually ‘illustrate’ what we’ve done thus far.
    Hugs and blessings,

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