Wordless Wednesday-The west coast has the sunshine And the Girls all Get So Tanned





Luna Pacis


Based On The Book


  1. On the beach already! Here on the East Coast the water doesn’t get warm til August! You have a beautiful family!

  2. Oh how I would love to be there with you and your beautiful girls!

  3. wow that is so nice of you.i am sure you are loving the sun? but wait a minute? oh the sand the sand! why is it on her mouth?


    Please check out mine too!
    Bonding Time

  4. Oh, that face full of sand! Pattoey! These are wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing the joy, Vixen.

  5. Linda - Nickers and

    So cute! I love the beach, especially with kids. Somehow, plunging into sand and surf is much more fun with little ones.

    * * * * * *

    I hope you don’t mind . . . I have tagged you for a meme. You don’t have to play. if you don’t want to, but it seemed like fun:

    SUPER-SEVEN MEME, at Nickers and Ink


  6. Sure makes me miss CA. Great shots. Happy WW!

  7. And some little one seems to be eating the sand!

  8. Mar

    Bear is beautiful and the girls are so cute.

  9. Great pictures! I especially love the last one – just got done eating a sandwich? 😉

  10. aaawwwwwwwww

  11. Ah a wee one who takes after me and taste tests the sand 🙂
    How great these shots are, we have very few beaches here in WI that are even open yet.
    Pop in the cafe for my WW

  12. Nothing like a day at the beach

  13. Oh so sweet. Is that you vixen. So slim and stylish. Love the sandy face :0)

  14. Mmmm, sand. Happy WW!

  15. Wonderful pictures! I love the beach and it’s great to see kids having such a splendid good time.

  16. Happy WW! Are the winds blowing where you are?

  17. What is it with kids and eating sand? I just got back from the beach and cleaning the sand out of Zach’s mouth. Great photos!

  18. Kayla and Bear are so tan and for a baby that hates being set down in the sand so much, she sure does like eating it.

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