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Hello all. It is Saturday again. Which means I ran! This running three days a week thing would be just great if there were two more weekends in the middle of the week. I am doing week two again, because honestly I haven’t run since last Saturday. I am a failure like that. I get all hyped to do it and then I get distracted. Or I sleep in. When I do the routine I feel fantastic after. More energetic than I have ever felt. So I should do it more. I am going to work on that. For today’s self portrait you get to see my sweet new running shoes all up close and personal. For those of you tracking my side quest for tanner legs, you can see that is not going well either. I am pale woman, hear me roar.





Perms, The Why of Bad hair


  1. Vix, running once a week is so much more than a lot of people do. Your heart is getting stronger, your lungs are getting healthier, your stress level decreases every time you go out. You are doing great things, so be gentle with yourself.
    I’m starting back on week 2 this week after my injury and the back to back out of town guests.

  2. I am proud of you for running, and I cannot wait to say I am exercising.
    You know you could have combined this to do Photo Hunters, I know I look awful hair wise after exercise.

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