For Once I want a sucky day

An Ordinary Life is having a give-away for a Dyson. I have always, always, always wanted one of these since the day they were invented. If you had to live with my FOUR dogs (the shedding, oh the shedding) you would want me to win also.

If can’t turn off your competitive sreak (Ms. Sassy?) head over to An Ordinary Life and enter for your self. But if you win, can I borrow your vacuum?


Perms, The Why of Bad hair


O Roma, Roma, wherefore art thou Roma?


  1. I need a new vacuum how did you know….borrowing between CA and WI should be interesting.

  2. Very cool! I need to get new bags for my vacuum, but it’s a good and reliable one – I hope you win the new one!! 🙂

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