Forever Young


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Goodbye sweet sixteen

You were good to my baby

Hello super seventeen

Two peas in a pod

Eskimos and butterflies

You are my sunshine

Giggles and laughter

Fill the halls of memory

Love travels with joy

Yesterday grade two

Now your senior year is here

Where does the time go?

As my youngest child

You herald the most dreaded

Empty nest syndrome

If you wish to stop

Just park it at seventeen

I could live with that

Whatever you do

Butterfly kisses are yours

Now and forever


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  1. Mar

    Lovely. Bear is so so beautiful. When I think about Noodle leaving home its more than I can stand.

  2. What a beautiful young lady she’s grown to be! Hope she has a great birthday!!

  3. Oh sigh. I don’t even want to think of this…
    Happy Birthday to your youngest!

  4. MacD

    Ok, Bear looks cute, but look at my little moocow! Now tell Bear to move her ass out so you and dad can go travel the world……..or maybe just you. Dad has trouble just traveling to the store. The world might be to much for him.

  5. Happy birthday!!!!! That was beautiful, as always!

  6. Ana

    Happy Birthday to your little one! She will probably always be the little one also if she goes her own way soon.

  7. Wow — Of course with mine under five, I can hardly imagine! But the time does fly by.

    Happy birthday to your llittle one!

  8. No. no, no, no. Bear never grew up. You see, that little toothless goof will always be my little sister. This new little young woman that attracts way too much male attention is an imposter. She is not Bear! At least, that’s how I get through the day…

  9. What a lovely ‘ku today … celebrating the life of your beautiful daughter! Time DOES fly does it not? Thanks for dropping by mine at Small Reflections earlier. I’ve created a 2nd at Sacred Ruminations … a medley of ‘kus on various topics.
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Happy birthday, cutie pie.

  11. Aw, beautiful haiku and beautiful daughter, too. I loved the sounds and images that came to mind reading this. You have talent.

  12. Thanks for reminding me to love every moment of my daughter’s girlhood. What a loving post. You are wonderful.

  13. My oldest baby is growing so fast. I want to take her back to five when everything was an amazing discovery, she was gifted with a baby brother who would be her beautiful baby too, and she found her first taste of freedom stepping into kindergarten, and I still got to pick out her clothes, do her hair, tuck her in at night, and read her a book to sleep. I was the person she wanted all the time… Oh how you have made me remember her little years and want to treasure each moment again,

    You made my moment, in a laugh, and a tear. Thank you.


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