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I saw this over at Lesley‘s. I have never read this play, but it sure sounds like me!

Your Score: Measure for Measure

You scored 34% = Tragic, 53% = Comic, 24% = Romantic, 48% = Historic

You are Measure for Measure. Originally classified as a comedy but now regarded amongst the “Problem Plays”, Measure for Measure is a story of truth, justice, mercy, forgiveness, and humility. What your score tells us about you is that you are most likely an outgoing person, who believes in doing what is right. While you may sometimes abuse your power in certain situations, for the most part you are kind-hearted and sincere. Not that abusing your power is necessarily a bad thing. Remember, as the play tells us “some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.” We just want to make sure you don’t get too greedy for power and end up like that Macbeth guy!

Link: The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test written by macbee on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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  1. I’d play along with this but I have 2 nephews here to terrorize the house, I have something for you at my Blog.

  2. Wow, that was annoying! I went and took their quiz and then answered all the stupid questions at the end. And then couldn’t make it past the word verification. Wrong 4 times, I got frustrated and closed the window. I have no idea what play I would be… Man, today is such a weird day! 😎

  3. i am hamlet… figures… dark pensive moody…. figures….. but it was fun….

  4. Gosh, that was a long test!

    I’m Merchant of Venice. I wonder which character?

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