I Am A Modern Day Knight In Shining Armor

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Friday's Child Is Loving and Giving


  1. Cyclops? I get Scott? I haven’t seared anyone with my lazer vision in years. I call shenanigans.

  2. Mar

    Mr. Fantastic here… If the shoes fits! HA HA HA.

  3. I’m Spiderman – even though I told them I wanted the power to teleport! Do you think if I take it again and alter my answers they might give me that power?

    Happy Rockin’ Friday!! 🙂

  4. Hey… That’s cool! 🙂 You’ll be shocked, just shocked to learn that I am the hulk….


  5. I’m impressed! I started playing and it was taking too long…a lot of the answers were really inappropriate for me. I am a girl after all. Maybe will finish it later. Back to work till then. Thx tons for all your visits and drops. Have a gr8 wkend. *kisses*

  6. Now I’m laughing ’cause clearly I can play as a girl. I’m a dummy. I tho’t the hubby had posted the Ironman. Whadoo I know. Anyhoo, me no longer Chuck. Call me Spidy.

  7. Woohoo I’m Ironman too! Something about a geek with really powerful toys really turns me on. *giggles*

  8. Wolverine – cool, love those nails!

  9. I tried this twice. First I got Reed Richards, second I got Archangel.

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