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PHOTOHUNT #113: Bad Hair

All I can say is if the hair wasn’t bad enough….what was I thinking with those sunglasses?

bad hair 1988

Vixen, circa 1987 or 1988




For Once I want a sucky day


  1. Ah yes, I remember the days of perms.

  2. Oh yes, we all had hair like that in the 80’s!

  3. Honey that was the 80s we all looked that way. My hair was almost that color, but shorter, but no sunglasses…have had regular glasses since 4th grade.

  4. I think we were all pretty much in the same boat in the 80’s, with our bad hair. I didn’t have a perm because I decided to go punk, LOL – seriously bad hair! Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I’m trying to forget the 80’s ever existed! You’re daring!

  6. Teehee. You are a dork!

    Love you, mom.

  7. Oh yeah! I had the hair and the shades!!

  8. ann

    I’m sure you were right in style back in the day! I almost put up a picture of me back in grade school with an ugly perm. My mom thought that went along with getting ready to go back to school every year. We had to have a perm. LOL

  9. That was the 80’s – you were very stylish in the time!

  10. Teeheehee, sometime in the 1980s, was it? ;b

  11. Ha! The hair and those glasses are oh so 80’s. I’m sure I have some even bigger than those…

  12. That’s SO funny! We have a family picture where my mom, sister, and I all have poodle hair! We laugh every time we see it. And the glasses – well, just the icing on the cake, I’d say!! So 80’s! 😀

  13. My hair was so much worse!
    I love it, though!

  14. Weren’t You One HOT Mama!!

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