And The Award For Greatest Son Goes To….

Macdougal wins by a landslide!!! Know why? He is taking Mr. Vixen and I to this next Tuesday:

The boy got great musical taste from his mommy and daddy. I am so excited!


I Can Only Imagine


One Nation In Struggle


  1. Cindi

    You have raised a kid with some 80s taste. Good for you. I was looking into the Van Halen tour as well. Love seeing real music take a walk back through our kids musical play lists.

    Of course, mine were full of Prince! Still are. He’s my music “god”.

    Havest great great fun!


  2. Mar

    I wanna go!!

  3. Aww what a good kid! 😀

  4. Oooh how fun! Yippee for a concert!

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