Cursed Am I

Last night when we got home from seeing the fireworks (a surprisingly fantastic show for once) there were eleventy-thousand cop cars on the street before ours. Then we got inside and took the dogs out to do their duty and a cop came up and asked us if we had seen anyone that didn’t belong. Then about four cop cars came flying down our street towards our building. We asked what was going on and the cop said there was a stabbing and they were looking for two suspects still at large. He described them and asked us to call if we saw anything then ran behind my building. Eventually they left the area without any suspects that we could see. Since Mr. Vixen had received the wonderful gift from Bear and Fishboy of Rock Band for Wii. We all stayed up until around 2am with the curtains open to watch the area.

Now, you all are thinking, bummer. You know that girl might just be cursed. But I am not done.

This morning I got up and was going to run to the store for bread. Because we have lunch meat and no bread. It is so freaking humid here our bread turned green. So, I get in the car, start it, and put it in reverse and it just feels wrong. So I stop get out and I have

NOT one

NOT two

BUT three flat tires.

I am warning the world…stay away from me lest you become infected.


Independence Day


Overabundance of "o" Words


  1. Mar

    Damn that Wii for keeping everyone up for all hours of the night.

    Bummer about the tires…. Mine are flat quite often from all the nails laying around the neighborhood right now.

  2. lol, maybe the flat tires are from the stabbing suspects hiding their knives in your tire. That sucks, I’m sorry about the tires. At least you have Rockband now. 🙂

  3. Sooner or later your luck has to turn around! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it’s sooner!

  4. OMG That is just awful! Did they show signs of being slashed or anything? What the heck do you do with three flats? It’s not like anyone has three spares!

    At least you can console yourself with Rockband… There is a video somewhere of me singing a heavy metal song I’d never even heard very loudly and out of tune while playing that game. The person who filmed it has been warned that if it were to show up on YouTube I would injure him severely! That is the last we shall speak of this. LOL Just beware of people with cameras sitting behind you! hehe

  5. It seems never ending, doesn’t it? As I have been there in my own way and have made it to the other side slowly vut surely…….I have faith things begin to get better. I rememeber about 6 years of every time we even got up on our knees life knocked us on our backs again and again. It’s difficult but it helps that you keep a wee sense of humor. I wish I could say more or do more. I hope whoever cut his fonger off when he was messing with your tires! 😛 to the bad karma, bad people, everything bad. :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. pam

    That really *does* suck! My husband and I have both had a slashed tire on our vehicles in the last year, but it’s the area we live in…

    Wonder why your car?

    Hope your luck turns around!

  7. ((hug)) I am sorry that there is so much swirling around you. I am, however, grateful that you weren’t involved in the stabbing. Did you have to replace the tires?

  8. Wait, did they maybe slash your tires because you didn’t invite them to play? That truly bites. I’m sorry. Sounds like you had fun up to that point. 😉

  9. Ugh, 3 flat tires? That really does suck. It just does.

  10. Sheesh … your experience reminds me of the 4th of July weekend in 1980 that I moved into this house with my ‘ex’ and we wondered aloud to one another what on earth we’d been thinking. Fortunately the neighborhood is a lot calmer and safer than back then, but I’m sorry for your misfortune.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Wow, a stabbing, that’s pretty scary. But 3 flats? what caused that? Were you able to patch them? I hope so, tires are $$$$$$$$$$$ 🙁

    Hopefully the worst is over and your now cleared to have a wonderfully awesome week filled with goodness and hapiness!!!

  12. Yeah, cursed about sums it up!

    We’re still negotiating about a Wii – surprisingly my partner is pushing for it and I’m resisting. I know what I’m like with video games!

  13. (((((((((hugs))))))))

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