Positive thoughts to my dear friend Xakara, who inspired me today:

I see them daily
But do not recognize them
These old hands of mine
Familiar yet
Alien, like the image
Seen in the mirror
Glances revealing
My mother who is not there
A strange reflection
When did my temple
Begin this descent to age
That I not noticed?
Shifts of time showing
Changes worn as badges of
A half-life hard lived
Each line a story
Unfolding into novel
Fiction into fact
Some colors faded
While others grow darker still
Memoirs of past days
Fables and tall-tales
Or autobiography
Yet to be revealed

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  1. Beautifully done! I’ve noticed the lines in my face, but watching my hands change really strikes me.

  2. You know. I’ve never figured out these Haiku Friday things. Did you get a beginning and then write the end? Whatever the case is, this one in particular, is very well written and clever. *smoochies*

  3. Our hands really are our stories. These make a wonderful sequence.

  4. that was lovely. I have never noticed this theme before.

    Thanks for stopping by my place whilst i was away.

    Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

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