Monday's Suck

  • Woke up with a “crick” in my neck.
  • Someone who is my responsibility to care for forever (although legally I could have washed my hands when she was 18) got had some issues today and I had to go help.
  • On the way to her place one of my “fix-a-flat” filled tires became not so “fixed” and I was informed by a friendly passerby that I had a flat tire.
  • I am very worried about the person up there in bulletin two.
  • Psychiatrists who are called and told it is URGENT and an EMERGENCY should not take three hours to call back.
  • Took Ladybug to her audiology appointment. Good news is: She has two perfectly functioning ears to hear with.
  • Tired as hell.
  • Tomorrow is another day! It better be a ‘better day’ or I will take it out behind the barn and shoot it between the eyes.






  1. Sorry about your bad day. Ours started out not so great, but it got better.
    My aunt went to the ER on Friday with bleeding on the brain. They knew enough to airvac her to a better hospital, but they left her bledding on the brain until TODAY!!! Even though she couldn’t talk, move her right side, etc.
    But, the surgery went well and we are hoping to hear great news tomorrow.
    I hope your day is much better tomorrow.

  2. I hope everything works out. I’ll be praying for you guys.

  3. Hope everything works out fine. Tomorrow will be better. Thinking of you.

  4. Good news about Ladybug’s hearing.
    Hope bullet #2 is getting what she needs to be better.

  5. There was obviously something in the air yesterday! We had to take the wee one to the hospital for jaundice treatment, but he’s much better today. I hope things are going better for you too! HUGS

  6. Thinking of you and yours sweetie

  7. Hope today was better because that sounds like a really icky Monday, and even the best Mondays are already kind of not so nice. 🙂

  8. Fortunately, Monday’s now well in the rear view mirror. Here’s hoping the week’s gotten better for you!

  9. You’re hilarious but in the same breath, are you ok?! I too hate Mondays and yesterday had one of those days as well. It’s like the stars and moon align on this day every week *ugh*

    Here’s hoping you’re doing better. Hang in there ~ the worst is behind you. *lovies*

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