No you didn't buy my vote, but…

Yesterday, a young man in a green shirt pumped 10 gallons of gasoline into my van for a grand total of $12.70. Yes, I paid $1.27/gallon. Amazing isn’t it? I saved nearly $30 on those ten gallons of gas. Thirty dollars may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but to me it is food for several days. And my family and I like to eat food. Sometimes we even like to eat twice a day…

I have never really talked politics here. Politics, to me, is a tricky business. A business that I believe, frankly, is way above my head. I am not well educated in current politics. My college education was more than 20 years ago and since then my attention was on parenting and my family. I know there are many of you out there who kept up on things at the same time you raised children, but. I have not. I don’t know if that makes me a poor citizen or not, but it is what it is. I concentrated for years on balancing a full-time job, three kids, a husband and various pets. I learned how to make home-made playdough and can my own salsa. I learned how to cut, haul and stack cords and cords of wood. I taught and shared my faith as a Religious Ed Teacher in my church. As a Girl Scout Leader, I had adventures and joy.

The eager, information devouring, gung-ho, save the planet young lady I was during the 1980 presidential election was put aside. I always registered to vote. They day before elections I read up on all the issues. And I voted. I didn’t pay much attention to how campaigns were run. Until yesterday.

The person behind the $1.27/gallon gas is Nick Leibham. He is running for congress. I will be very honest and tell you that I did not know that when I went for the gas. Lloyd had called me the night before saying he had seen a flyer at the gas station near my work and there would be $1.27 gas the next day at 2:00pm. So I went. To stand in line. Because I can’t afford to put gas in my tank most days. Without gas I can’t get to work. Without work my family becomes hungry and homeless. So I was willing to spend my lunch getting cheap gas. I could not have cared a bit about why it was cheap.

During my lengthy time in line (who can resist $1.27 gas?) with the other 50 people lucky enough to be in the ‘first 50’ (I was 45, whew), I had time to meet and talk a bit with Mr. Leibham. I am not endorsing him here, you can follow the link to his site and make your own decision.

The reason I am linking and telling you this story is because I am impressed. This is how campaigns should be run, in my opinion. He acknowledged a problem area for ‘real’ people, addressed it in a way that caught our attention and then came out face to face and entertained discussion. He connected to people, like me, who vote but don’t have time to attend rallies or speeches. People who care about the world and their community, but quite often miss the evening news because they are busy addressing issues in their homes. People whose every day lives are directly affected by politicians, but feel they have no influence, no voice despite their one vote. If all campaigns could touch us ‘common folk’ in some way, I honestly believe there would be less apathy, more change and positive communication. Heck, maybe we could even save the world.


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  1. You express what many people feel–that politics has become an area for only those sophisticated enough to spend all of their time studying it. That is not what our founding fathers intended. We all have a right to our political beliefs and have a right to express them without being made to feel inferior. If more people like you and like the young candidate you mention were involved in politics, the country might be in much better shape.

  2. Whoohoo! Gas for 1.27. Way to go Vixen! I’m glad you made the 50!

  3. Congrats on your ‘gas windfall’ … (I thought I did well when I filled up for $4.21/gallon last week) and my compliments on spreading the word. If I lived in that area I might be tempted to cast a vote for such changes.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Mar

    I knew something good had to go your way soon.

    *Hugs* I am so happy for you. $30.00 is $30.00 anyway you look at it. Hope it helps with something else.


  5. Wow! That is amazing. Kudos on being 45th in line. I stumbled this post.

  6. OK, I don’t know the guy, or anything about him. But, playing devils advocate, don’t you think this is a little gimmicky? I mean if you elect this guy is he going to subsidize your gas for as long as he’s in congress? I’m just saying that we need to be careful about little palliative gestures that don’t do anything really.

    In the grand scheme of things, if nothing else, the guy saved you $30!

  7. The gas thing really got my attention here. I read every word after the first line – to the end – and am not only impressed with this character, but with you for sharing and partaking. I’m right there with ya on not paying attention and it’s been years since I have due to other priorities. So I empathize whole-heartedly with what you’re saying. I like this guy. I like you a lot *big grin* Have a great weekend. *lovies*

  8. I am torn with this campaign tactic….not that I need worrying about voting for him.
    I am happy that you benefited from this though, you deserve good things like this.

  9. Cindi

    I have been a little more in-tune the last few years and that is in part to my niece who is a college student but who found her political footing as a sophomore in high school. I am not necessarily in line with her politics, but I am in line with the reality that they are driving our country now, and not our country driving it.

    The politicians who are “going back to the streets” are not necessarily the ones whose political views I support, but they are the ones whose campaigning makes the biggest statement in my mind. They are trying not to “mouth” campaign but to action campaign. Bring your name and face down to the people whose votes matter, and you will be more likely to get their vote especially if you do something to help them remember your name.

    We register, we work hard to know what we are voting for, where we are there are so many “motions,” and laws and yada yada to vote on that we have been guilty of focusing on the areas that are important to our family and passing over studying some others there just isn’t time. But national and statewide elections get at least some close look.

    I am not a political activist. I have never worked for a politician. Because of my family I have gotten to know some well known politicians, meeting them on a personal level and learning that they are really just like us but with better tailoring and more body guards. There are the exceptions to that statement, but it isn’t the rule.

    Ha ha yeah I opened my political mouth and let it run. But, I am not going to try and effect anyone’s vote. You develop your own and if you have a candidate ready to relate on your own level and make a point of those issues that hit you every single day, then damn you are one lucky lucky voter.


  10. Lee

    So many politicians concentrate most of their energy on doing what it’s going to take to get them elected in the next election and not what is right. It’s refreshing to hear about one who is trying to understand and address issues that really matter to the “silent majority.” Was this gimmicky? Yeah, it was, but at the same time it was an acknowledgment that there is a large segment of the population really struggling in this economy with gas prices going through the roof.

  11. I say yay for you getting gas for $1.27, whatever the reason, and yes, it’s a brilliant campaign strategy. I wouldn’t be opposed to more politicians doing the same and maybe even getting into a little competition with one another and taking the price even lower. I’d still vote for who I’d vote for, but I agree that it sure would make a candidate seem that much more in touch with realities and that much more likeable.

  12. thats really good, wish they did something like that here. and get you mrs 45 eh? good for you 🙂

  13. The cheapest gas I’ve seen is $4.19/gallon around here still. Hope all’s well. I’m back to let you know I tagged you for the NEEDS meme … but only if you’d like to participate. My answers and the directions are at Small Reflections today (Sunday). No pressure ever, but this one’s fun and easy ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. That’s too cool! No one does that stuff in OC. Too snooty and stuffy. BTW, if you check my Sunday blog post… there’s something there for you!

  15. I am first off happy you were able to save $30.00. Secondly, I don’t consider this tactic gimmicky. I wish more politicians would “get out” and listen to the public. They all seem to more concerned with high profile media. I understand, but word of mouth, or blog, can have a far better effect at times. They should prove to us they understand our issues and concerns, what better way than to give a little relief.

  16. DJ

    I couldn’t agree with you more! There are alot of mom’s that feel like you do, imagine if a few more politicians connected with us, the power they woould have!

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