Nothing Left To Do But Go Crazy On You

Here are my promised observations from the concert. At the time they amused me to no end, but I have my doubts that anyone else will find them entertaining. Especially since no one commented on my amusing (to me) reference to the skunk (weed) on the other post….

There was a large group of college-aged kids camped out on the grass beside us. They had their own pet skunk and apparently deep pockets, as beer was $10 a cup and they consumed mass quantities. To amuse themselves (I am guessing) they all dressed up. The guys had on terry-cloth headbands. One had super-short cutoffs and rainbow striped knee-high socks. Another had red, faux-leather pants. The girls had leg warmers, leggings or stretch pants, and oversized sweatshirts with the neck cut out so the shoulders fell off to mid arm. There were even a few sporting bright, blond, Poison-esque style wigs. So tell me world…what has happened to our youth? When did they become so uneducated? THEY WERE DRESSED FOR THE WRONG DECADE. This wasn’t Duran Duran or Fine Young Cannibals people! It was 70s bands. Clueless, clueless little children, didn’t your parents teach you anything?

During the break between Cheap Trick and Heart I am in line for the port-a-potty (I frequent that line often). Guy goes in the bathroom, but doesn’t flip the lock. While we watch not less than five girls cut in line and throw open the door. The guy doesn’t even flinch, just keeps going. And never locks the door.

Later during Journey, I again queue up at the bathroom (told you). (For you to get the gist of this story I need you all to recall the character Jack from Will and Grace. Picture his gestures and hear his voice) This ‘Young Jack’ is in line in front of me. He informs me he is not a big Journey fan, but his date is. He asks if I think the new singer sounds like the old one. To which I say yes, he does, quite a bit. Then Young Jack inquires if I think he looks like the original singer. I reply yes, he does look similar. Jack responds, “Really? Because I thought the old guy was really white.” I have no clue how to respond to this, but luckily his date arrives with his beer. As Date (mid 30s Jack) hands Young Jack the beer, I jokingly say “Oh, I thought you brought that for me.” (witty aren’t I?) Mid 30s Jack turns to me and says “Oh noooo, honey, this” (flourishes his fingers from his neck down to his toes and strikes a pose) “is what I brought for you.” Obviously I do not get out enough, as that was the first time I was hit on by a gay guy. Ever.

This line seems to suddenly stop moving and we are all getting a little anxious. We are all dancing to the music to cover up our “other” dance (you know what I mean?). One of the ladies behind me starts wringing her hands in distress. (NOTE: none of us been paying much attention to the bathrooms, as our eyes have been on the stage). The distressed lady’s girlfriend turns to me and jokingly says, “What are they doing up there? Going in as couples?” Young Jack says, “In a port-a-potty? Naw” We all turn to glare at the restroom door. Moments later the tangled, sweaty bodies of a young lady and young man stumble, half dressed, out the door. We all just start laughing. The lady who had made the comment manages to gasp out between guffaws, “I was just kidding” and Mid 30s Jack says “Well, they certainly weren’t, honey.”

It was a surprisingly docile crowd, as I didn’t see any fights or overhear any arguments. I am supposing it might have been all the skunk in the air that kept everyone so calm.


When The Lights Go Down In the City




  1. $10 for beer! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a concert in the States I guess.

    Sounds like you had a blast in line for the toilets!

  2. I remember the porta-potty adventures from the country Music festivals. So was Cheap Trick good? I would have been there for them, and these bands were around in the eighties too…albeit the outfits do not sound correct for these bands in any sense.
    I so missed being able to do this 🙂

  3. It always seems to be in line for the bathroom where you meet the intereting folks :0

    Happy Rockin’ Friday!! 🙂

  4. Mar

    Hit on by a gay guy IMPRESSIVE!!

    In a port-a-potty? Great big EWWW.

  5. So, really Vixen, what did you think of this guy’s equipment? I mean, he was clearly sharing for your enjoyment and our blog voyeurisms…. 😉

    It’s all about the lifestyle…

  6. Heh heh heh heh heh. (And I DID think the skunk joke was funny — I have been giggling about it ever since I read it. Sorry I didn’t LOL in comments 😉

  7. Fabulous line story … I’m so proud! It’s almost as if I was there!

  8. Holy Cow you had a blast didn’t ya? I so miss being able to go to shows, this was a perfect write up. I would love to cross link you from my blog if that is okay?


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