One Nation In Struggle


It’s Friday again
And it has been a long week
Surviving was key
Key to what, you say?
And that I don’t know for sure
Lost sight of the prize
So hands on the wheel
Keep straight on the path of life
Is all I can do
Heading is unknown
Just following the white line
To see where it leads
So many people
Around me are struggling too
Suburban combat
How’d we get to here
Where hard workers now suffer
And scramble to win
Call it what you will
May be a recession or
Just a depression
No matter the tag
Consequences are for all
Humanity = one
What good are leaders
If they don’t see their people
Or notice their plight
Words and ideas
Don’t put food on the table
Action is called for
Political shame
Covers both sides of the fence
Reality lost
Their lack of conduct
Leaves the planet in peril
At risk and alone
My voice is but one
Not loud or even noticed
But I call them out
Provide for your kin
Stop governing for money
And DO something now
Or pack up your bags
Go home, head hung in shame
Return your stipend
Someone new will come
Is my fervent wish and hope
Inaction no more

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