So Yeah, Just WhatevAH

i don’t usually bit*h too much here but, ummm yeah, too much vino

  • So I ran to the bank today and grabbed all available funds and paid the rent
  • I have outstanding checks for Mr. Vixen’s scrips from yesterday
  • The phone is shut off, just when my grandma went in to the hospital..she can’t breathe and has heart pain
  • The internet/cable will be shut off tomorrow and the electricity on Tuesday
  • I can’t see the letters to type right now, because someONE gave me some vino for his birthday
  • The Spanglish speaking neighbor managed to get across today to me that he “sees me clean up my dogs messes every single day, BUT I have many dogs and there is already talk and ‘finger accent’ (which I assume is finger pointing)
  • It is RIGHT NOW my husbands birthday (47 freakin old man) and I have nothing. Barely dinner.
  • He is mending fences.
  • So that all his brothers and sisters can get what is due them since their parents died. And one child was put in charge.
  • This is NOT how anyone should spend their birthday
  • I SUCK
  • Oh yeah, and my Grama is in the hospital. And it sucks.
  • Did I mention wine?
  • Enough already, you all rule! I suck. Life sucks. And then we go on.
  • OH YEAH did I forget to mention that my eldest(who has bipolar disorder) took on a dog as a service dog for her daughter who suffers seizures and then is “too overwhelmed” to take care of it so I have had to dog for training since last week?????!!!!


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Independence Day


  1. Gorl, you have every right to bitch. Damn you’re going through a rough patch. I wish I could do something but I am but a poor student myself. If you don’t have internet or hone we’ll lose you! I don’t want that to happen. I will keep you in my prayers and I sincerely hopes things in your life get better. I almost know the place you’re at and I wish I could hug you and listen to you talk and vent for hours. <3

  2. Vixen,
    I’m sending you a great big hug. You have a lot on. God bless.

  3. We lost our cable last week, and I seriously don’t know where our bill money will come from this month. Life is so hard on so many of us these days, you feel free to bitch all you want! I wish I could offer more than my prayers, which you know you have without fail. Try and keep your chin up, as hard as that may be right now.


  4. Hope your troubles come to an end pretty quickly.

  5. Hang in there my friend, things have to get better soon.

  6. oh my gosh sweetie, I am soo sorry. you guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Much love…

    I wish I could help more. 🙁


  7. Hey Vix–

    I’ve learned that venting like this helps sometimes. You just have to get it out and you have every right to do so. Seems like everyone is hitting hard times in one way or another lately. We all need to grab the hand of another and start pulling everyone back up, I think!!!!

    Hang in there!!! Jessica

  8. Girl its so nice to see you keep your sense of humor through all this. Just remember if it don’t kill ya, it will make ya stronger! hahah

    Seriously, I do my best writing after vino!

    I also made a few DD calls I wish I could take back. I hate voice mail. It’s so permanent!

    (((HUGs))) from Tejas!

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