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My life has the runs


No you didn't buy my vote, but…


  1. Woah, that’s cool! What waterpark was it?

  2. Awesome looks like a BLAST…..we have not been to a water park in ages. Need to do that again before the kids all grow up andn leave home.

  3. Mar

    Looks like you had fun – you deserve it!

  4. Great shots. Everyone must have had so much fun! Happy WW

  5. Ooooh! Fun times!

  6. Oh too much fun! I wanna go!

  7. Fun, fun, fun!

  8. wow – your mosaic is so cool and what fun you had.

  9. Oh, what a great set of shots. It screams summer time fun. Awesome.

  10. Now that looks like fun. Wish I could be doing that this summer….
    I am getting lazy, and just posting pics of my son and his animal buddies…LOL

    I hope he likes his little sister as much too….so far he is giving all newborns very dirty looks…He hugs and kisses my tummy, but so far my tummy doesn’t play with his toys….LOL!

  11. What a wonderful collage! Everyone seems to be having so much fun. What program did you create this with?
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. I love water parks. Us “older kids” used to get in trouble by trying to go down kneeling upright on the mats. It was more like surfing and skateboarding… but could be dangerous if you “wiped out”.

  13. Boy that collage just screams SUMMER! Fun times…

  14. Mmmmm, summer. Send some my way!

  15. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun. I wish we had something like that more close; it’s sooo hot over here, I’d love to jump in the water!

  16. Great entry – looks like a really fun day for all!

  17. pam

    Oh, I love how you did this… and I’m instantly cooled off!

  18. Cindi

    Ain’t nothing better than a cold water park on a hot summer day. Lucky You


  19. awwwww cute pictures 🙂

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