Wordless Wednesday ~ Happy #1 Birthday Butterball


Little Sane Moments Of Time


Cut From The Team


  1. happy birthday little one!

    She’s beautiful!!!!

  2. Ana

    Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a great day!

  3. Someone enjoys chocolate!!! So very sweet.

  4. Proving yet again that Chocolate goes with any outfit, even when it’s no outfit! Happy Birthday, Butterball!

  5. What a wonderful picture for today, a way to come back and focus on the now and what you do have.
    Wishing my baby boy happy bday too with WW, hope you can pop in.
    LOVE YOU, missing you!

  6. Now that’s an expression we “the internet” haven’t seen on her before!
    Such a sweetie.
    I love cake- face first birthday pics.

  7. Ha! Now that is priceless!!

  8. DJ

    A girl after my own heart, lets all eat cake!


    Happy WW!

  10. Mar

    Yum cake! Happy Birthday baby girl!

  11. Very cute!!! I love chocolate cake :-0…

  12. Happy first Birthday little one. Drop by my blog to see how chocolate is eaten a little later in life — I’m sure my granddaughter would be glad to give pointers. 🙂

  13. I must learn to proofread before submitting comments. It should say “how chocolate is eaten”. Makes more sense. 🙂 Have a great day.

    No worries, I fixed it for you.

  14. Ah … how sweet … and Happy Birthday to the little one. Such a QT ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. Oooh. How cute is she?

  16. HA Butterball adorable!

  17. Headline: Young child escapes explosion in chocolate factory.

  18. Aw, super cute!

  19. Happy first birthday sweetie!!!

  20. Happy birthday. Today is mine too but I had my first a long time ago. 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday, Baby! What a beautiful child. Gorgeous eyes! May she know a long and beautiful life.

  22. Happy Birthday! Looks like she’s enjoying that cake!

    Ours has his first coming up as well.

    Looks like you’ve changed things up on the site – very nice.

  23. Oh how cute, I really love that chocolate and smile. Happy Birthday, may you all have a wonderful day.

  24. Wow! A year already! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  25. Seriously cute! Happy Birthday Butterball! May you always feel the abandon and freedom to eat cake this way!!!

  26. Happy Birthday Butterball! What an adorable face and the greatest smile.

  27. Awwwwwwww adorable girl!!! Happy birthday!

  28. First birthdays are so fun. 🙂

  29. Who loves Grandma???

  30. She’s so cute, and it looks like she had a great birthday! it is gauged by the amount of cake on one’s face and she’s got a lot!

  31. Aren’t 1st birthday pictures just the cutest? She’s adorable!

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