“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”


This week’s theme/prompt is: HEADSBox
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First, a little doodle I did while sitting in traffic this morning:

And then, let the insanity begin:


box …. fox …. ox …

pox … vox … sox …

lox … Bagels!

I prefer an onion bagel, (well) toasted, with herb flavored cream cheese. Yum.

How about you? Do you like bagels? What kinds and how?

Today’s wackiness inspired by the talented Penelope Anne, who gave me this award. Is it that obvious how nutty I am?


Aged like fine wine: Complex & fruity.


WW~An Exceptional Cabernet To-Be At The Vineyard


  1. LOL Cute award. I think we are all a bit nutty at some time.

  2. You nut, only you could go from box to lox, which is yucky. I love bagels and cream cheese though.

  3. Onion bagel, toasted with butter and jam! I like the sweet and savory.

  4. Laughing here!

    I like onion bagels with cream cheese. 🙂

  5. Bagels – nope. Can’t really do them — too heavy. Probly too many office meetings and/or breakfasts where bagels were served. The award – yup. Perfecto. Penelope done good.

    p.s. i love your revamped site. I want to redo mine so it looks more like yours. p.p.s. why in heaven’s name am I not on your blogroll, missy? i’m shocked. *giggling* anyhoo, i shall check mine and ensure you’re there. if, you’ll promise to take care of this prob soon. *lovies* *huggies* *kissies*

  6. Multi-grain lightly toasted with light cream cheese please!

  7. I normally just accept the fact that I am the crazy one and just get on with my life. If someone else reckons I’m nuts, it is old news for me, I already know that. Nice award.

  8. Chuckling here – very clever I like fruity bagels or bagels with chicken and salad…

  9. Onion with onion cream cheese. I love intense flavor!

  10. Hahaha, that was awesome. I really like the “everything” bagels because I can never decide. Cream cheese, herbed or otherwise, is awesome, too. Mmm, been so long since I have had a bagel…

  11. Please don’t laugh! But I have never eaten or seen a bagel in my life! I know! Rather sad! I am imagining that they must be like a kind of muffin!

  12. i agree with the award, for a lot of times i go here and i laugh with your posts. i always thank you for your gift of humor.

    bagel, i am not very fond of it, but i do buy it once a while, and i like the onion-cheese.

  13. lol-I love bagels. My fav is plain, toasted very well, and with butter. 🙂

  14. I love what you did for HoTs this week! Thinking ‘outside the box’ is what I try to do … but the rhyming was great … and I’m wishing Noah’s Bagels was still within walking distance … because an ‘everything’ bagel sounds even better than wine at the moment. Love the ‘nutty’ award from Sassy Mama Bear!!!
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who makes strange associations. 😀 My hubby will say something and I’ll answer with something that seems completely unrelated! He thinks I’m nuts, but we’re both okay with that. hehehe

  16. Bagels are great with strawberry cream cheese! That word ” B0x “, on your think outside sign, looks like two boobs hanging over an ironing board to me.

  17. Onion bagel, toasted nice & crispy with butter to fill the yummy crannies and garlic/herb cream cheese. After all, if you’re going with onion, why not throw in garlic too … and a breath mint.

  18. lol love the doodle. that is crazy! i like chicken bagel or bacon

    sorry im so late stoppin by this week 🙂

  19. male

    I also like bagels. And I want to say, that your blog is great, I am the first time here and I am very impressed by its design. Good work, thanks.

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