Horribly Hirsute


It returns again
A single, dark hair on my chin
Only to be plucked

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Please Quiet The Picaninnies, I Beg You


Aged like fine wine: Complex & fruity.


  1. LOL — mine is a white hair and it grows on my neck. I call it my Aunt Sudie hair. Yes I had a great-aunt named Sudie who was a snuff dipping character whom I only met once at about the age of 7, but she made a lasting impression on me — Aunt Sudie had hairs growing on her chin and neck — I think she must have been the first woman I had seen with hair like that — I keep mine plucked. 🙂

  2. Only ONE??? Consider yourself lucky :-0

  3. Ha!
    Oh, don’t you hate those???

  4. Oh no… growing up is hard to do!!

  5. I’m catching up as best I can today … commenting on multiple posts at once to move things along. I liked your ‘Fall apron’ … the Slow Poke Awards are wonderful (isn’t Penelope clever?) and it’s PERFECT that it took you so long to share ;–) Your ‘link love tag list’ looks interesting and I’ll put this on my to-do list for when time permits, but since I’ve got 802 unread posts in my ‘reader’ at the moment (down from 1000+ earlier this morning) … I’m making NO promises. Congrats on all the other awards too. Thanks for the reminder about the Lazy Bloggers Post Generator … I’d forgotten all about it. Had to laugh with recognition at your Haiku. I get those regularly myself … Sigh!
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. That made me laugh! Not your hair…the poem. 🙂 lol

  7. Ode to the single dark hair…. I had a friend who said it was a beauty feature… I’m glad you tame your beauty!

  8. 🙂 thanks Vixen, for putting a smile in my face and adding joy to my day through your very nice poem.

  9. You made me smile…Happy Friday!

  10. Vixen, this made me laugh.
    I think there comes a time in every woman’s life when she can absolutely relate to this 😉
    Great ‘ku

  11. OMG! I hate those things!!! I get ’em all the time!!! And thanks for visiting my weekly winners!

  12. OH! I’m NOT alone!! Awesome! Why does this thing grow.so.fast?

  13. Short simple, and sorry not sweet…
    I have something for you at the Cafe today love,

  14. Know the feeling!

  15. LOL! Great haiku!

  16. Single? For me it’s MULTIPLE!

  17. Oh my. Yep, every once in awhile there is a hair growing almost out of my neck. How I never notice it until it’s a mile long is beyond me, but it just appears. I think it’s magic.

  18. If only those darn hairs would learn their lessons!

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