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Today, nearly three months after I initially applied, I received notification from the county regarding our Medi-Cal application. We are a family of three. Two of us have multiple medications (expensive) that we need to take each month to stay alive/healthy. I am a diabetic.

Here is where I ask you all (surely someone out there understands this stuff?) for help understanding. I am an intelligent, college educated, but currently unemployed mother who needs help taking care of her family’s  medical needs while I find new employment. But I don’t understand how the government thinks people survive. I really don’t.

I received one envelope with five letters in it. The first stated that all three of us are entitled to full benefits at no cost coverage effective February 1. The next stated that Bear (only) was approved for benefits under the CEC program for Feb 2009 through Jan 2010 (it does not state what those benefits are). The next applies only to Bear and states that she is denied for the 100 Percent Program because her family income is over the allowable limit. The fourth letter applies to Mr. Vixen and myself and stated we have been approved for the Medically Needy Program effective March 1, 2009 with a share-of-cost each month of $1016.00. Lastly, the fifth letter applies to all three of us and says that our Section 1931 (full benefits at no cost) benefits are discontinued effective 2/28/2009 because our income is over the limit.

What. The. Hell? I have no idea who is covered for what. OR why we appear to have been covered for one month, but then discontinued when our income hasn’t changed. MORE IMPORTANTLY, how am I supposed to pay $1016 worth of medical expenses each MONTH??????!!!!! Are you kidding me? The share-of-cost income paper states I have net non-exempt income of $1950 and that the three of us only have maintenance needs of $934, thus leaving our excess income/share-of-cost at $1016.00.

How does a family of three survive on $934 each month? To begin with my rent is $900 (and I DARE anyone to find someplace cheaper here). What about utilities (mine are about $200 a month water, gas, garbage  and electric)? What about FOOD?!

I get it. If we need help, we don’t deserve to have a car payment. We don’t deserve to have gas to get to places or money for the bus to go to our appointments. We don’t deserve a telephone or insurance for our vehicle. But surely we deserve a roof over our head, enough food to survive, and heat and water!

Paying $1016 of medical expenses monthly is the same has having zero coverage. Period. We won’t go to the doctor and we won’t be taking our medications. I won’t get my quarterly blood work done and Mr. Vixen will soon not be able to walk.

Our food stamps benefits were discontinued when my unemployment started. I am not going to buy medications for myself, instead of food for Bear.

I really don’t understand. Am I crazy? This seems totally unrealistic….ARGHHHHHHHH


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  1. I would like to help you a little. Send me your address?

  2. Holy Crapamoly. I’d get on the phone and ask those questions to someone. How on earth are you supposed to pay that amount of money? How could ANYONE be expected to pay that amount? Surely there is some sort of technical error going on here?

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  3. Mar

    What a great big bunch of hog wash.

    I don’t understand it either 🙁

  4. if this is CA you are talking about, then you have the right to march down to the office and ask for a meeting with the supervisor, if you DONT get help there, go to the main CA website and file and ask for a mediation meeting. They will make the call to your county. Trust me, I know ALOT about CA and thier screwed up way of “helping” people/

    let me know if you need that website

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  5. That is absolutely insane!!! I’d go down there and raise cain! That makes no sense at all.

    I don’t know if you’d qualify for something like this, but I have seen ads for this before.


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  6. Thinking of you… I’m keeping you in my prayers


  7. All I can give you is virtual hugs (((Vixen)))! Sounds like CA is trying to keep what little money there is AND force those in need to bolster the bankrupt state.

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  8. I can tell you that CA has ALWAYS given out as little as possible and if you have no idea what your able to apply for 9 times out of 10 they will not tell you either. Its a total shame, but after a while you begin to learn the systems ways.

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