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napowrimo2009_1 The challenge today is to find a passage of text, preferably from an out-of-print book, and turn it into a poem. This process is appropriately called a found poem.

All else was


For old Mrs. Earth was still fast asleep and like many pretty people

She looked still prettier asleep than awake

The great elm-trees in the gold-green meadows were fast asleep


and the cows fast asleep




-adapted from The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley (1917) found on GoogleBooks


Patience is the key to paradise


Madeline Alice Spohr


  1. nice…silence is golden…ands well hard to beat sleeping

  2. LOL This reminds me of what everyone thinks about their children while they are asleep. When awake they can be terrors on wheels. But asleep, *Sigh*, SUCH angels!


    Lori’s last blog post..A Stitch In Time~NaPoWriMo #10~By Me

  3. Ooh, I’d forgotten The Water Babies! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

    Gavin’s last blog post..NaPoWriMo #10

  4. So simple and lovely. Thank you.

    Liz at Yips and Howls’s last blog post..Sonnet for a Poultry Farmer

  5. Hi Vixen:
    I just wanted to say Happy Easter & let you know that I had to move. You can find me at: http://ohiowithlove.blogspot.com/

  6. That’s a fun prompt! I like what you did.

  7. My kids have just settled into bed for the night. What a nice place to land…at your poemy blog tonight!

    Julia’s last blog post..Easter Bunny’s, Pumpkins, Orchards and Poppies-Random at it’s Best

  8. Lovely poem, happy Easter to you and your family, Vixen.

    betchai’s last blog post..Back From The Grand Circle Road Trip

  9. Hey girlie! Happy Easter AND you won the Unconscious Mutterings contest last week! I also emailed you about possibly making me a bee apron but I’m never sure you get my emails…. sigh…. write me?

    Claudia from On a limb’s last blog post..Saturday Stories – Denver Cereal – Chapter Forty-Four : Marbles

  10. Hope your Easter was happy, Vix!!!

    JihadGene’s last blog post..Easter Bunny Visits Pirates

  11. Hope you guys had a great Easter….A very “spring time poem….”

  12. Hey! I tried to respond to your email but it was bounced. I hope everything is all right!

    Claudia from On a limb’s last blog post..Filling the lamp….

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