The Mom Secret

If you are a mom of more than one child, you know you have a favorite. You deny it, but it’s true. Everyone has their favorite. And I’ll admit it. I do. And here it is:
favoritechild21Just look at that. At least 8 inches taller than it’s siblings. Strong, green, just beautiful. Why can’t you others be more like your sister?

And those yellow marks? No sprouts, no little leaves, nothing = me failing. Is it cheating to add new seeds once you realize they really, really aren’t going to grow? If it is, then I am a BIG cheater.

The really attractive wire stuff on the right? Those are industrial shelves I stole borrowed from Mr. Vixen’s tool shed to keep the stupid, stubborn bassett hound determined LadyGuinevere out of the manure fragrant smelling garden.

I also planted sowed some of the seeds directly into the square foot squarefootgarden-week-1garden. I still need some more money soil to put in the second box so I can plant sow the rest of the seeds.

artichokes-tomatoes-week-1I also planted the tomatoes, onions, peppers, and artichokes that I had started in the little green house thingymajob.

You all know I was just kidding about the favorite kid thing, right? Although these two totally win the cutest grandkids award hand down:



If Only The World Could Stay Purple Forever


In Which I Ask For Help Understanding


  1. Awww look at your cute wittle baby plants! Maybe your favorite was particularly close to a grain of fertilizer or something. Or it could be all that extra motherly love. ;-D

    Lesley’s last blog post..Query Letter Video

  2. You had me going! Look at your garden grow and those grandkids are something special for sure!!

    ellen b’s last blog post..Foodie Friday ~ Artichoke

  3. MacD

    I know I’m your favorite. It’s ok, I’ll keep your secret so we don’t upset the other two…..

  4. The hubs promised he’d raise my garden this year, but it hasn’t happened yet. I nagged once and felt bad about it. So this year we have the 4 tomato plants my daughter started at school and brought home in a paper cup. Remarkably, all four are doing well (knock wood).

    Tammy’s last blog post..Sick Day

  5. This weekend the weather here will finally be nice enough to plant something! I’m so excited!

    MrsB’s last blog post..And the Winner Is……

  6. I am so jealous of your plants. They are gorgeous. I tried to start seedlings, but I have a black thumb. They are not doing very well. I wish I was able to grow things.

    Anne’s last blog post..I Can Totally Relate

  7. You so have a green thumb :o) I cannot wait to see pics of how your garden progresses and grows.

  8. Oh look at that! So tall! Wonder if it is a different family of seed that got mixed in or if it’s just a “special” one. We’ve planted many things in our garden already, including potatos, onions, lettus, . . . I usually buy all my flowers aready “up”. One year I need to do those from seed too.

    I just loved your commentary “mark-ups”. It made it so fun to read!

  9. Mar

    I miss homegrown veggies! Looks like you will have lots of them soon.


  10. Those hats are just the best! I love them so much. I actually was looking at some like that last week.

    Julia’s last blog post..We’re Back!

  11. Growing veggies and growing kids…LOVE it!

    JihadGene’s last blog post..It’s Friday! Let’s Dance with Obama!

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