Things I Shall Attempt Today

  • Figure out how to get some men over to ApronFrenzy to buy these two adorable mom and daughter sets for Mother’s Day.
  • Determine through the expert scientific evaluation method of drawing straws if I am dying from (s)whine flu, pnuemonia or bronchitis.
  • Cough up a lung. I have two.
  • Miss the grandkids. Their paternal grandma is visiting from Utah and I don’t get to see them this weekend.
  • Miss MacDougal and Bloody Mary Sunday. He and Funsize both have the day off and are going to the beach.
  • Deep wash, in hot water (just don’t ask me how….maybe my bathtub?) the stinkiest basset hound on the planet.
  • Finish up and list some beautiful, fun, tropical-inspired aprons.
  • Get the g**gle reader down to zero from 703.
  • Create some homemade (free) graduation invitations for Bear. Anyone have ideas?????




Don’t Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys


  1. Busy Bee! Hope you keep your lung and get better soon :o)

  2. Your going to be a busy lady today…maybe you should skip the lung toss though…i did it last week…it wasn’t any fun…LOL!

  3. Amy

    Wow. You can get your reader down to zero? Impressive.

    Amy’s last blog post..Crumb Coating

  4. You are one great grandmom who adores your grandchildrens so much. I can recall how much my granny would always love to see us.
    .-= Nathan´s last blog ..Airsoft Guns: Identical Firearm Replicas Are Far From Kids Toys. =-.

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