Tips To On How To Survive Another Day Around Me

If you don’t want to have to move your car in the morning…don’t park behind me. It is a single car drive, I didn’t pull my car in ahead of you: you chose to park behind me.

Washing the blender out after you make smoothies is, in a way, doing your dishes…but leaving the dried-on strawberry/yogurt concoction in the glasses in your room is not, in any way, doing your dishes.

If you make, say, macaroni and cheese and while serving yourself spill some on the stove top….wipe it up. If you don’t, do not be surprised when it hardens into cheese cement.

We don’t need a new sponge every single day, remember we are on a limited budget. Leaving the sink full of dirty dishwater with the sponge in it, WILL make the sponge smell like ass. Don’t do it.

Complaining that “I” left the garbage cans in the way of your car is not the way to my heart. When you get up at 7am to take them out, then you can decide where they should be placed.

If you are cooking, because your wife is sick and she says: “Dip the pork chop in the buttermilk, dredge it in the flour, then fry it in the pan” and you put buttermilk in a bowl, mix flour & spices in another bowl and then proceed to put the pork chops straight into the pan, PLAIN; do not be surprised when I exclaim my dismay.

If you go to the napkin holder and it is empty and you then go to the cupboard where you know there are more napkins; don’t take just one for yourself. Go ahead and refill the holder.

If you take cereal out of the cupboard and eat a bowl for breakfast, while it is true you have ‘fended for yourself’; leaving the dirty bowl, the milk and the cereal on the counter still means I had to clean up after you.

You will run out of room in the shower if you continue to leave 8,454,000 empty shampoo and conditioner bottles in there while still adding new, full ones.

Lastly; when you walk into the kitchen after I spent hours cleaning it and the sink is polished in a way that even The Flylady would be proud of…DO NOT EVER say “Hey this looks great. Let’s try and keep it this way, okay?”


In Which I Ask For Help Understanding




  1. Oh my word, did you come visit my house and I forgot? This is so weird, I thought it was ONLY my home that these things occurred.

    🙂 have a perfect weekend!


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  2. I would totally keep you in a pissed off state! Like I do my wife (hee-hee).

    JihadGene’s last blog post..It’s Friday! Let’s Dance with Obama!

  3. No seriously. Is my husband living a double life in California with you???

    Lesley’s last blog post..Why do you eat?

  4. Mar

    And I told Noodle to mind her manners at your house.

    Oops, sorry!

  5. Oh my goodness, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think I’ll laugh, it’s better for the soul. But with you, not at you. Never at you.

    Tammy’s last blog post..Tagged! Booya!

  6. There you go being reasonable again!

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..Blog Your Blessings: Cherry Blossoms

  7. hehehe it’s things like this that make me happy I’m single 🙂

    Janet’s last blog post..Protect(ion)

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