Totem of Mine



Beetle of our Lady, manifestation of my ideas and thoughts

Delicate and loving nature, encased in black and red armor

Your brief visits remind me life is short, release my worry

Spreading wings, is it time to fly in life?

Metamorphosis and growth, let go

Restoring my faith and trust in sprits

Have I told you all enough time how wonderful and fantastic my Grandma (aka Great) is? Well, I am saying so again! That woman is amazing and having her in my life is the greatest gift. So what could she do to make it even better? I didn’t think there was anything she could do, but she managed anyway (amazing woman). As you all know, since Ladybug was born I have become known as Ladybug’s Grandma. My animal spirit, the Ladybug, visited me first when Ladybug was a baby in the hospital. She comes back to me often now and, in fact, came to Ladybug’s birthday party on Sunday to visit Funsize (bearing tidings from Collin I am sure). Yesterday I received a package from Great and inside were these wonderful salt and pepper shakers and a pie bird. They are hand painted with ladybugs! But it is also personalized. Isn’t this the coolest thing EVER?

April 7 2009 001

Here is Ladybug with a ladybug in my backyard last weekend.

2009 003

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